Lubella breakfast cereals

The Lubella brand portfolio also includes breakfast cereals.

The Lubella flakes for kids are available in the favorites by the youngest flavors and in attractive shapes. This is a guarantee of quality from Lubella - without the addition of glocose-fructose syrup or palm oil. They are prepared from high quality ingredients, contain whole grain and are a natural source of minerals.Lubella Corn Flakes is a line of products dedicated to the whole family. Unique petals - simple, yet delicious and for all occasions. In Lubella, they are available in two variants - classic and wholegrain. The classic ones are golden and crunchy, and whole grains are additionally a source of fiber, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium. The line also includes unique flakes Lubella Corn Flakes Cocoa and Honey and Lubella Corn Flakes Cinnamon - these are two editions of the well-known classic in a completely innovative version.