Lubella is pasta made from high quality wheat, which fits perfectly into any pasta dish, whether it is soups or other dishes and salads. A special grinding process allows you to obtain flour, thanks to which the pasta is hard as well as perfectly elastic. Appropriate drying process makes Lubella pasta does not stick together and retain a natural aroma and golden color. Lubella is made of the best quality beans, thanks to which it guarantees that it is the best grain! In addition to the many types of Classsic pasta available, Lubella also offers Whole Grain pasta - it is produced from whole grain flour, created by grinding whole wheat grain together with an outer cover, called a husk. It is in it that very valuable nutrients are contained, including fiber, vitamins and minerals. Lubella is also egg pasta line - produced according to a proven recipe of the highest quality flour and eggs and a line of Mini pasta - a classic in a non-standard, mini edition - ideal for salads or casseroles.