Why join us?

...or candidates’ frequently asked questions...


How is Maspex Group Wadowice different from other employers?

Maspex Group Wadowice is one of the largest companies in the foodstuff industry in CEE. The company believes in the long strategy of creating and developing brands that are deeply ingrained in consumers’ minds. Working with brands that are well-known not only in Poland but also abroad gives you a great deal of satisfaction.

What can I expect from working at your company?

The ambitious and responsible projects that you will do will let you use all of your knowledge and experience. In addition, we offer a dynamic and versatile working environment, which will provide you with new challenges every day.

What kind of people work in Maspex Group Wadowice?

Most definitely, you will meet people open to new ideas and cooperation. They have their passions and interests that they pursue, just like you.

How does the company support employees’ development?

Maspex Group believes in employees’ development – not only by giving them new responsible tasks, but also by offering a number of training courses. Tailor-made programmes enable the employees to improve their professional knowledge, language skills and soft skills.