Each recruitment process begins with the publication of an announcement presenting the main responsibilities of the job and our expectations from candidates. The announcement also contains information on how to send your CV. Candidates who decide to apply for Maspex Group Wadowice can be sure that the recruitment process is based on mutual respect and trust and personal data protection.

All current vacancies are listed on our corporate website and Internet portals on professional career.

Applicant selection

We will review every CV. While reading it, we will verify the formal aspects and whether the candidate’s experience and education meet our needs.

Telephone conversation

This is the first means of contacting the selected candidates. During the phone call, we can ask you for details regarding your CV, verify your skills or knowledge necessary for the job. It is also a possibility to find out what you expect. At this stage, you can receive an invitation to a recruitment meeting.

Recruitment meeting

It can have several forms, depending on the job we are recruiting for:

  • An Assessment Centre session – we invite a group of candidates to a several-hours-long meeting, and we ask them to take an active part in specially designed tasks. These can include both individual and group tasks that match the type and level of the respective job. The Assessment Centre session is also attended by assessors who watch the candidates’ work. Based on our experience, we can say that the stress caused by our presence is quickly gone, because the tasks are interesting and engaging.
  • A recruitment interview – can take place after the Assessment Centre session in order to complement the meeting and express our interest in the candidate. The interview is usually run by an employee on the HR Department and the direct superior. Apart from some questions from us, you can also expect additional tasks testing the necessary skills, e.g. language tests, problem tasks etc. An invitation to the interview means that we have positively evaluated your application and we are interested in getting to know you better.


We will call you with our decision regarding our cooperation. Everyone will be informed of the status of their recruitment process application.