The image of our brands is our priority, so our professional marketing staff take care of every detail that makes up the image of the products in our consumers’ eyes. As a Brand Marketing employee, you will be able to work with the best brands and be responsible for their market position. This is where new products are created – specialists from the Department of New Product Development analyse latest trends, needs and expectations of customers, so they can offer innovative product concepts. Analytical thinking, openness to novelties and creativity – these are the competences that come in handy every day. As a consumer, you definitely notice our promotional actions. They are developed, prepared, implemented, coordinated and evaluated by the specialists from the Department of Trade Marketing.

Business location: Wadowice


The IT Department manages the whole computer network, resolves complex technical issues and implements new software systems, and supports other departments in streamlining work, if necessary. They also develop applications facilitating our operation and current work, using their software expertise.

Business location: Wadowice, Tychy


It is a group of specialists operating in the field of internal and external communication. As a result of their work, there are nationwide projects run as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, e.g. educational projects for primary schools like “5 portions of fruit, vegetables or juice” and “Puchatek Safety Club”; or sports projects like Tymbark Cup “From the backyard to the stadium” – the largest Polish football tournament in the U-10 category for girls and boys. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, the Department also runs campaigns and programmes for employees and their families.

Business location: Wadowice


The products of Maspex Group Wadowice are purchased not only in Poland, but also in other parts of Europe, as well as Canada, USA and Arab countries. Cooperation with over 50 countries in the world requires efficient operation of the Export Department. The export specialists are faced with such tasks as making sales offers, negotiating sales terms, winning new customers. Daily work with international customers makes it possible to develop language skills, which are a key element. In addition, interest in the world and other cultures also pays off.

Business location: Wadowice


It is a link between suppliers and the Department of Production Planning. It makes sure, the necessary raw materials are delivered and the inventory is optimally stocked. Above all, the Department specialists look for purchase offers and build good supplier relations. The advantage of this job is the possibility to negotiate in English.

Business location: Wadowice


Assets, liabilities, options, cost control and securing foreign currency transactions risk are the domain of the Finance Department, whose employees make sure that all decisions in the company are economically justified. The Finance Department also includes the Controlling Department dealing with check analysis of costs and data and preparing various prognoses. Apply, if you can think analytically, draw conclusions and work in a team.

Business location: Wadowice


It makes sure all payments are made on time. The Department specialists deal with various accounts. If you are scrupulous, proficient in spreadsheets, and work under pressure motivates you, feel free to apply to the Accounting Department.

Business location: Wadowice


It makes sure all agreements between the company and stakeholders are lawful. Mergers, acquisitions and legal aspects are the Department’s daily bread. In addition, legal support of international companies belonging to Maspex Group Wadowice is a challenging experience for many international law specialists.

Business location: Wadowice


Maspex Group Wadowice provides its employees with a possibility to take part in specialist training in soft skills (e.g. communication, conflict resolution, self-presentation) and necessary hard skills (connected with the work on a given project). The Training Team specialists identify training needs of our employees, as well as organize and coordinate training programmes.

The internal Coaching Team supports the development of competences among sales structure employees.

The Recruitment Team is responsible for getting the best employees. To this end, our specialists use the most effective recruitment and candidate selection methods. One of them is the Assessment Centre – a method of a more reliable and accurate evaluation of candidate’s competences in the context of job requirements.

Business location: Wadowice, Tychy


Every new employer in Maspex Group Wadowice reports to the Personnel Department, where the employment contract is signed. The Department specialists make sure that all procedures of employing new staff are duly executed. The Department is also responsible for dealing with salaries, working hours and holidays. So if you are interested in the issues of personnel and salary, feel free to apply for a job in this department.

Business location: Wadowice, other production plants


Before a new product can be developed, it needs a recipe. The Development Department technicians select the ingredients, develop new flavours and improve the existing ones. If you can work independently and make decisions easily, the Development Department is just for you.

Business location: Wadowice, other production plants


The quality of Maspex Group products is our priority. Therefore, before a Tymbark juice or a Lubella pasta are offered to our customers, the Quality Department specialists perform a detailed control of whether the products meet our corporate standards. We want our brands to be pictured as the best. We expect from the Department staff to be thorough, dutiful and involved in the tasks at hand.

Business location: production plants


The Department specialists realise and coordinate current production strategies in response to market demand at a given moment, determined by the Department of Production Planning. Based on the analysis of key production indicators, our experts introduce streamlining actions that facilitate complex production processes.

Business location: production plants


The Logistics Department is responsible for planning and analysing the inventory, developing delivery routes and coordinating the transport of goods. We expect from the Department staff to be good at organising work, efficient and independent in their work, in order to make sure Maspex Group products get to our customers on time.

Business location: Tychy – M-Logistic Logistics and Distribution Centre


The Sales Department of Maspex Wadowice is one of the largest in Poland. Apart from the regional structure (more information in the Trader’s Zone), it has a number of employees in Wadowice. The jobs are stationary and include analytical work, preparation of various summaries and telephone customer service. In addition, the Department is also responsible for active cooperation with key customers – negotiating sales terms, coordinating and executing working agreements.

Business location: Wadowice