The Maspex Foundation

The Maspex Foundation opens the door of the best foreign universities for children’s employees. Because continuous development is the guiding idea of Maspex, the company gives the children of employee



The Maspex Foundation supports learning children of employees of the company, who want to study at foreign business or technical universities.


The Special Scholarship Program – the first of two of the main pillars of the Foundation’s operation – opens the door to learning at the best universities in the United Kingdom. It assumes help by covering tuition costs and housing costs. The Foundation supports regardless of whether the student gets to the university through the Foundation or themselves.

The Foundation Educational Advising Helpline Program – the second pillar of the Foundation operating within the framework of the Foundation – makes it easier for future students to pass all the procedures and stages preceding the start of studies at the selected foreign university.

Thanks to the cooperation with experts each interested candidate has a year-round opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of experts. The Program can enroll regardless of what stage of education are concerned. The main purpose of the Scholarship Program is to provide help in the form of scholarships for students - children of Maspex employees.

fundacja_800x533.jpgThe scholarship can receive a maximum of six students who will go to foreign technical or business studies and meet the conditions set out in the Regulations of the Scholarship Program, which is available on the Maspex Foundation website ( The position of individual universities in the ranking (according to the best-ranked universities in Great Britain) is taken into account in the awarding of scholarships. Students who wish to participate in the Scholarship Program must be children of employees of one of the Maspex companies in Poland or abroad. Those who are willing must have completed at least BA studies, be in the course of a Master's program or after graduation. Everyone should be perfectly familiar with English and must prepare themselves for the required exams and pass them on.

We invite you to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the rules of the Scholarship Program and the Helpline Program, which can be found at: