Uwielbiam (I love) Academy

02 maja 2019

Young people like to gain knowledge through engaging tasks and interesting experiences. Uwielbiam Academy is a project that supports the education of students about a proper lifestyle.

This educational program is addressed to students in the sixth-eightth grades of primary school and third grade of junior high school and their teachers. In the school year 2018/19, as many as 160,000 pupils from primary and junior high schools from all over Poland took part in it! They gained not only extensive knowledge about healthy lifestyle, nutrition principles, lack of food and cooking, but also participated in special competitions in which attractive prizes were available!

Participation in the program consists in the teacher conducting lessons on a varied diet, according to scenarios specially designed by a team of experts (methodologists, dietitians). Teaching materials are made available to teachers who submit their classes to participate in the program via a website or during a telephone conversation. After completing the classes, the class can also take part in the competition. The winning groups receive culinary workshops, financial vouchers for the class and the teacher as well as product sets.

Both registration and participation in the program, as well as educational materials, scripts and other teaching aids, as well as participation in the competition are free.

Academy participants learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, the need to differentiate products in their daily diet, and find out how important they are in nutrition. They also gain knowledge about the proper behaviors related to non-food waste and why the value of shared meals and their preparation, as well as the joy of cooking together should be appreciated.