Umbrella of History

29 kwietnia 2019

Umbrella of History was established in 2017 in order to support social historical awareness and cooperation with organizations working to cultivate the memory of Polish Heroes. The Umbrella of History is primarily to protect people and past events from oblivion.

The current edition of the project operates within the framework of the idea of Remembrance'44 - it is an expression of the memory of the Warsaw Uprising. Around it the project is concentrated in the first years of operation. Planned activities will last until 2019, when we will celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Umbrella of History focuses a number of activities that the company engage in. The memory of the fallen, who sacrificed their lives in the fight and support of living Heroes, as well as spreading knowledge about historical events and the heroism of Poles - these are the main tasks that this project has been devoted to. However, all the implemented activities have a common goal and measurable effects, such as, for example, material help for living National Heroes. As part of the educational program, Maspex cooperate with the Warsaw Uprising Museum and other social and historical institutions. 

Those who fought for our homeland - both fallen ones and those who are still with us - deserve absolute respect and memory. We encourage you to this attitude - full understanding and mutual respect.

We invite you under the Umbrella of History.