The educational programme “ The Puchatek Safety Academy”

15 stycznia 2013

"The Puchatek Safety Academy" program is the largest program in Poland on security topics addressed to first grades of primary schools in Poland.

The aim of the campaign is to educate and increase safety of children who start their school education. The programme focuses on potential risks, shows children and their parents the consequences of dangerous behaviour at home, school and on the road, as well as while surfing the Internet and during recreation.

Each school submitted to the program receives free, special prepared by methodologists, educational materials and the prestigious Certifi cate confi rming the honorable title of belonging to the „Academy Safe Pooh”. The part of program is also the National Security Knowledge Test – the first such initiative in Poland on such a large scale checking childrenʼs knowledge in the field of security. In total, the „Puchatek Safety Academy” was attended by more than 2 million children. 

The program is organized by the brand Puchatek, in cooperation with the Office of Prevention, and the Office of Traffic Police Headquarters.