The educational programme “5 portions of fruit, vegetables or juice”

17 stycznia 2013

Since 2007, Tymbark company has been encouraging the Poles to enrich their diet with fruit, vegetables and juice as part of the international initiative promoting a daily intake of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.

Additionally, together with other manufacturers associated in the Polish Association of Juice Producers, the company undertakes various actions targeted at consumers and an educational programme for children, which aim at developing healthy eating habits. The company provides education on the properties of juice and mousses and encourages to include them in the daily diet. The campaigns are co-funded by the European Union and the Fund for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption. Vegetables, fruit, and juices play an important role in the human nutritious habits as these contain precious ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and fibre. Some vitamins (e.g. vitamin C, beta-Carotene) and other active ingredients that are included in vegetables and fruit (e.g. polyphenols), demonstrate antioxidant effects.

The Poles, like other Europeans, most of them do not eat fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities. Consumption is lower than the recommended minimum of 400g per person per day. This problem concerns children as well. They suffer, more and more frequently, from obesity and overweight. Dietary experts recommend adding fruit, vegetable or juice, minimum 5 portions within a day, to each meal. A portion may include medium-sized fruit or vegetable (apple, carrot) or several smaller pieces (strawberry, cherry, grape). Besides fresh vegetable and fruit, a portion may include a glass of fruit, vegetable, or fruit and vegetable juice or mousse. Fruit and vegetable juices and mousses may play a part in creating a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients. A wider diversity of vegetable and fruit products constitutes a more varied and tasty diet.