The ecological programme “Kubuś Friends of Nature”

15 stycznia 2013

”Kubuś Friends of Nature” programme is the largest nationwide Polish educational programme for kindergartens, organized by the Kubuś brand. Each edition of the programme is tremendously popular amongst pupils. So far, over 4 million children. Every year every second Polish kindergartens taks part in the programme. Only in the last edition are participating 620 thousand children from nearly 7.5 thousand of kindergartens. Teachers in the program have already conducted more than 250 000 classesThe aim of the programme is to encourage children to take care of the natural environment, to command respect towards nature, as well as to shape good nutritional habits.

Each preschool institution enrolled for the programme receives exceptional teaching and learning materials including a certificate granting the title of ”Kubuś Friends of Nature”. Owing to this programme, the pupils are taught how to take care of nature on everyday basis, and participate in amusing unconventional activities, such as celebration of The Friends of Nature Day, the Carrot Day. Moreover, children do the gardening; go for trips to forests, parks, they learn to segregate rubbish and learn about the benefi ts of daily exercise and sport. Pupils learn how to eat healthy with 5 portions of fruit, vegetables or juice a day.