Kubuś Hospitals

25 kwietnia 2019

It turns out that the sadness of grey hospital walls can be overcome. Boring and uninteresting rooms and corridors turn into colourful fairytale lands full of positive emotions. Although a stay in hospital is never a pleasant experience for the kids, Kubuś manages to make it at least a little better.

Thanks to this project Kubuś hospital wards become colourful fairytale lands. Walls full of fairy-tale characters and joyful colours brighten up the day of children in more than twenty hospitals throughout the country. Each project is diff erent, but all are full of sun, warmth and colour. Kubuś always appears too, which adds comfort to children.

The decorations are done using hypoallergenic and odorless paint so that the final results are safe for kids. The importance of the environment in which children are present is emphasised by parents and doctors, but the most important goal of the campaign is to put a smile on the faces of the young patients.
The contractor for completed projects is Maciej Kot – known and widely appreciated artist specializing in beautifying the space in which children reside.