Our Employees

Our employees supply Maspex with ideas, positive energy, knowledge, skills and success. Thanks to them it is possible to continuously develop the company. And thanks to the efforts of the company, it is possible to continuously develop the employees. And so we're driving each other :-) We asked some of them what they would like to tell others about working for our organisation. Read their answers, to find out more about the Maspex. After all, the people make the company!

Kasia: If you’re learning, learn from the best - I don’t think there is another Polish company like this one..

What I appreciate inMaspex is the possibility of continuous development and learning new things - I’ve been working here since 2007, so it is very important for me. Hard-working, unconventional thinking and courage are values prized by Maspex. Working in such a large company is very dynamic - no two days are the same and boredom is not a problem. The large scale of operations and openness to new solutions definitely distinguish Maspex - here really nothing is impossible. Years spent in this company... they give good experience to build on, while continuously creating an appetite for more - making ambitious plans and participating in their implementation is very uplifting experience.


Sławek: Employees are fully aware of what they need to do to become a leader.

They’re the people who have become friends are ready to assist if necessary. They’re the colleagues from whom you can learn best practices and reap huge energy resources. Can you achieve success in Maspex? In Maspex the pursuit of professional success is normal. It means putting in a good performance in your current position - high efficiency, as well as preparing for another role, especially for people who have the ambition to perform important functions in the company. In our company we prioritise continuous development of employees. They are fully aware of what they need to do to become leaders. They know what is expected of them, what they should do to be successful, what resources are available to help them. I have a feeling of great pride... I’ve worked in Maspex since 2003, I identify with the company's mission ("Offering branded food products highly appreciated by consumers"), and its desire to "be a leader in the food industry in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of market share value and brand strength” translates into my every action. This is my turn indicator when placing challenging goals for myself and others, the implementation of the objectives at the highest level, the desire to develop myself and others. What impresses me is the history of the company and its dynamic growth, which shows the potential and opportunities for each employee. I try to use these possibilities - I never cease to learn, never stop developing, there is always something to do. I treat management of my development as my duty. Working in Maspex means taking full responsibility for the tasks entrusted to you - interesting projects that bring many challenges and overcoming them drives our growth.

Kamil: This job is just like making a living business: coming up with ideas, operations, analysis and correction - not just reporting to someone, somewhere out there.

I fell in love with the Małopolska region too! :-) I myself have been working here since 2015 but looking my many colleagues who work here for much longer, or listening to the stories of people who left and then returned to Maspex, I think that this is simply one of the best employers in the region.

  It’s well worth doing ‘Start with Maspex’, because it is worth starting at the source. And with the best. Against a backdrop of foreign competitors, we are a local company, that actually creates global business strategies and brands from scratch. It gives you more freedom and responsibility. This job is making a living business: coming up with ideas, operation, analysis and correction - not just reporting to someone, somewhere out there. Maspex is clearly the leader - it has more resources, more knowledge and better tools. It gives you more comfort at work and greater chance to bring ideas to fruition. This unique combination - as a local, modern leader - gives Maspex the greatest opportunities for growth and satisfaction. Maspex for me is... continuously creative, a somehow magic workshop - everything you can think of and implement. And it usually happens very quickly - and that is the magic :-)