"Tymbark Apples from Polish Orchards"

2015-01-12 16:58:00

Employees and their families Tymbark half a million apples distributed within the national campaign "Tymbark Apples from Polish Orchards"

October 18th was the second edition of our promotion. It was a unique and remarkable day for our entire company. On this day our staff and their families, as well as our business partners distributed more than half a million Polish apples as part of the Tymbark Apples from Polish orchards".

A huge number of people took part in the action - more than 2,000 employees and their families, from all of our plants in Poland, as well as the commercial structures. The project involved the employees from almost all departments. Together we handed out apples in nearly 50 towns throughout the country. The uniqueness of our project was also highlighted by the media and on social networking sites in Poland.

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