Topping Coffeeta


COFFEETA is a range of milk products used as an addition to coffee and chocolate drinks. Coffeeta products add a delightful appearance as well as a unique milky taste. Perfect for cappuccino and latte drinks. Recommended weight per 180 ml cup is 6 g.

COFFEETA MV 301 CLASSIC is a well-known, popular coffee whitener. Quickly soluble, easily dispensed, perfectly softens the taste of coffee. Highly stable in increased moisture conditions. Recommended weight per 180 ml cup of coffee is 6-7 g.

COFFEETA MV 302 – thanks to a high content of natural whole milk, it combines the advantages of a traditional whitener with an exquisite milky taste. Thick and long-lasting foam makes this product a perfect companion to cappuccino drinks. Due to the high content of milk, it can be also served as a delicious milk drink. Recommended weight per 180 ml cup of coffee is 6-7 g or 16-18 g as a milk drink.