Tomato products

The Łowicz brand has in its portfolio a whole range of tomato products that make dishes become unique. Łowicz offers concentrates, purees, passata and canned tomatoes - everybody looking for interesting solutions will find something for themselves.

Tomatoes in Łowicz are high-quality tomatoes immersed in natural tomato juice. They are available in two versions - cut and whole without skin, in cans with a convenient opening.
The Łowicz tomato paste has a thick consistency and exceptional taste and aroma. It is produced from juicy tomatoes ripening in the sun. It is also available in a convenient package in a sachet.
The tomato purre brand Łowicz is characterized by its unique taste and aroma. It is perfect as a soup ingredient and all those dishes that require a tomato base.
Łowicz also offers tomatoes cut in a carton and tomato purée with basil and garlic. These are more variants of tomatoes for everyone!

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