Łowicz sauces

The leader in the sauces category also introduced two innovative proposals - Universal Sauces.They are an alternative to tomato sauces identified so far with this product category. Two variants- dark and light sauce, are the complete novelties on the market. Although quite different, bothuniversal and encouraging to get inspired by various flavors. On the basis of each of Łowicz’snovelties, you can prepare countless interesting dishes – adding your favorite ingredients. Onesauce, many dishes – this is Łowicz’s offer!The brand’s offer also included meat sauces. Perfect for a tasty effect and short time to prepare.Excellent quality sauces with proven, high quality meat – this is a guarantee they are exactly likeconsumers like the most. Łowicz’s proposals are a guarantee of taste without preservatives, thanksto which they are a valuable alternative for demanding long preparation of dishes.

More information: www.mojlowicz.pl