Kubuś 100%

100% juice is a product with no added sugar, no preservatives or artificial colours. Kubuś 100% Apple has been created with the highest quality apples, carefully chosen and selected. Thanks to this our new Kubuś variant stands out with its natural taste and aroma that is especially liked by children. Kubuś 100% Multivitamin is a tasty mix of diverse fruit flavours, enriched with vitamins. In addition to the vitamins A and C, the new Kubuś alsocontains valuable B vitamins B6, B12 and niacin (PP), thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), folic acid, biotin (B7), pantothenic acid (B5), responsible to for many of the body’s normal functions. Kubuś 100% is available in a convenient, lightweight, plastic bag that you can take with you everywhere. With this solution, the product is a great idea for lunch at school and gives a daily serving of fruit and vegetables that you can take with you on the go.