DecoMorreno La Festa

DecoMorreno La Festa Chocolatta is a Polish market leader on the instant chocolate drink market. It is a top-quality product with a mild taste and an amazing smell. DecoMorreno La Festa Chocolatta offers original flavours in modern, handy packagings. DecoMorreno La Festa drinks have been on the Polish market since 1993. La Festa Chocolatta is the market leader e.g. in Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia. It is also a runner-up in Russia and the Ukraine. The sales offer also includes La Festa Cappuccino: a market leader in the Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and Russia; runner-up in Latvia.

DecoMorreno La Festa Chocolatta is available on the Polish market in four versions: hot classico (classic rich chocolate), hot milky (mild milky chocolate), hot cherry and hot cinnamon. DecoMorreno La Festa gives you a chance to enjoy a delicious taste regardless of the mood. Excellent quality guaranteed by DecoMorreno.