Overseas sales

Maspex products reach over 50 countries the world over. Thanks to establishment of lasting trade relationships based on partnership and understanding of mutual needs, and regardless of geographical barriers, the Company cooperates with consignees in the European Union and other European countries, in the USA, Canada, in the Middle and Far East. In most of those areas, our products can be found on the shelves of the commercial chains. Overseas sales account now for 31% of the company’s turnover.


• Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey

• Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Canada

• Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Iceland, Liberia

• France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Arab countries, Australia, Uruguay, Colombia, Malaysia, Maldives, South Korea

Almost all of the products are exported, but the most important ones are Kubuś fruit and carrot juices, Tymbark juice, nectars and soft drinks, Caprio drinks, and instant products such as La Festa cappuccino and Chocolatta, Coffeeta coffee creamer, Ekland instant teas and Brumi cocoa drink. The Company also exports Lubella pasta, the quality of which can be compared to the best Italian products. In 2010, in the export offer has also appeared energy drink - Tiger - licensed product of Dariusz Michalczewski. There are also exported abroad brand products of Krakus and Łowicz.

In many countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Baltic States, the Balkans, Russia and Ukraine, Maspex products are amongst the leading brands.

Maspex export products win also awards abroad and they are recommended by consumers.

Maspex Wadowice Group products reach the furthest corners of the world, including such exotic locations as United Arab Emirates, Japan, Uruguay, Mongolia, Liberia or Ghana.


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