Maspex Group

Maspex Group is one of the biggest companies in Central and Eastern Europe in the segment of food products.

The company is the clear market leader in the production of juices, nectars and soft drinks in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the main producer in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania. It is also the leading producer of instant products (cappuccino, cocoa, coffee creamer, instant tea). Moreover, it is the leader on the pasta market in Poland and the main manufacturer in Romania. Also it ranks leader market position of jams, ketchups and sauces and is a leading manufacturer in the segment of ready meals and processed vegetable in Poland. The company is also a leading player in the water market in Romania.

For years, the company’s unchanged strategy has been to build brands that are deeply rooted in consumer consciousness and to accomplish projects of acquisition that may expand and develop its range of brand products. Over the last 25 years the Maspex Group has completed 19 such acquisitions, including 11 abroad.

Brands like Tymbark, Kubuś, Lubella, Łowicz, Krakus, Kotlin, Puchatek, Ekland, DecoMorreno, Cremona, La Festa and Plusssz are undisputed leaders in their categories, they enjoy trust of consumers not only in Poland, but also in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Products of Maspex are sold to over 50 countries worldwide. The company cooperates with consignees in the European Union and other European countries, in the US, Canada, in the Middle and Far East. In the majority of these countries the products may be found on the shelves in the biggest commercial chains. Foreign sales accounts now for 31% of the company’s turnover.