1990: Maspex is established.

1991-1993: Packing and distribution of Coffeeta coffee milk powder and DecoMorreno cocoa.


1993-1994: Launch of the first production (Ekland instant tea, Puchatek cocoa drink, La Festa cappuccino and chocolate and Filutki candies).

1995: Entering the carrot juice market - the purchase of Polska Żywność in Olsztynek and Kubuś brand.KUB2KUB-PL-BAN700x300px-MASPEX-v01-lay02


Investments in foreign markets. Establishment of the first foreign branches in Hungary, in the Czech Republic and then in Romania and Slovakia.


  • Expanding the range of instant products – the acquisition of Anin company (Cremona brand).
  • Entering the juice, nectar and fruit drink segment - the purchase of Tymbark along with the Tymbark brand.
  • TYM2NAP-PL-BAN700x300px-MASPEX-v01-lay01


  • Launch of modern juice, nectar and soft drink plant in Tychy (Ekoland).


  • Establishing companies at the Russian market.


  • Entering the pasta and cereal products markets - The purchase of Lubella company (Lubella and Mlekołaki brands).
  • Entering the market of dietary supplements - the acquisition of Polski Lek company – producer and distributer of vitamins and effervescent tablets.



  • Opening the company’s commercial representative office in Ukraine – Maspex Ukraina.
  • Expanding the range of juice, nectars and soft drinks abroad.
  • The purchase of a juice producing part of Walmark company, the leading Czech and Slovakian juice, nectar and soft drink producer (e.g. Relax brand).
  • The acquisition of Olympos company – a leading producer of juices, nectars and soft drinks (Olympos brand).



  • The purchase of Queen’s, a leading juice producer in Bulgaria.
  • The acquisition of shares in the Hungarian Plusssz Vitamin company – the owner of the Plusssz brand, the Hungarian market leader in effervescent vitamins.
  • The purchase of the Apenta brand, one of the oldest mineral water brands in Hungary.


  • Entering the pasta market in Romania - the acquisition of the shares in Arnos company – the leading pasta producer in Romania.



  • Mark IV company joins Maspex Wadowice Group. Mark IV is a local soft drinks producer in Russia.


  • The launch of the Logistics Centre in Tychy – the most modern distribution centre in this part of Europe.
  • The opening of a modern production and warehousing complex in Romania.


  • Entering the energy drinks market in Poland. Beginning of the cooperation with the Foundation for Equal Opportunities and Dariusz Tiger Michalczewski. Obtaining the exclusive license to use the name Tiger and the image of Dariusz Tiger Michalczewski to promote food products.


  • Opening of a new fruit and vegetable processing plant in Romania.


  • Increasing the production capacity in the juice, nectar and soft drink production plant in Tychy.
  • Entering the category of pretzels and crackers in Romania – the purchase of Salatini and Capollini brands that are undisputed market leaders.


  •  Lubella buy the Malma brand.


  • Development of joint venture company with one of the leadersof Turkish food companies – TAT GIDA SANAYİ for the purposeof launching Kubuś juices into Turkish market.


  • Acquisition of part of the assets the company Agros Nova - of two production sites in Łowicz and Wąsosz and brands: Łowicz Krakus, Kotlin, Włoclawek, Fruktus, Tarczyn, DrWitt.
  • Start investing in Łowicz, where will be created one of the most modern factories in this part of Europe.



  • Acquisition of Rio Bucovina (purchase of three production plants and the Bucovina brand - vice-leader on the water market in Romania).


  • Finalization of the purchase of natural mineral water Velingrad in Bulgaria.
  • Acquisition of 6 brands from the pharmaceutical category: Omegamed, Entitis, Pedicetamol, Actiferol, Dierol, Solbaby.


  • Opening of a modern production complex and a logistics center at the Lubella plant in Lublin.
  • Opening of a modern production and logistics complex at the Tymbark plant in Olsztynek.