HoReCa – we cater to e.g.: hotels, fast food bars, restaurants, catering companies, bed and breakfasts, pubs, clubs, conference and sports centres, universities, schools, kindergartens, fun centres, hospitals, Internet stores and more. We have built a team of professional sellers and advisers for the Horeca sector. 

This department is dedicated to providing Maspex products to the hotel industry and catering, having professional and knowledgeable sales team – the key to building a strong position trading partner, which supports their knowledge and skills. HoReCa – it is not just Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, but many others, such as: cafes, pastry shops, fast-food establishments, caterers, employee canteens, entertainment centers, sports facilities, universities, schools, and kindergartens. Maspex in its portfolio has a specialty products aimed at the HoReCa segment. They are tailored to the needs of consumers and at the same time meet international quality standards. Tymbark juices, nectars and drinks are supplemented by a wide range of brands such as Kubuś, Tiger, Lubella, Łowicz, Krakus, Kotlin, Włocławek, Fruktus, DecoMorreno, Tarczyn, DrWitt, Caprio, Puchatek. Especially for the needs of the HoReCa industry, the company offers products such as 2-liter Tarczyn juices, Tymbark beverages in small 0.2-liter bottles or Tymbark products in the form of concentrate. Catering packages of pasta, breakfast cereals, specialty flour, mayonnaise and ketchup are ideal solutions for gastronomic customers.

Alternative sale channels – our customers are also e.g. leading health and beauty stores, offices, convenience store chains and gas stations. We sell our products to leading fuel stations, chemistʼs, and convenience shops as well as carriers operating in office segment or web-based stores are the clients of Maspex within alternative channels. The company provides major fuel stations operating in Poland and other unaffiliated companies with its products including: Tymbark, Kubuś, Caprio or Tiger brands. Brand products are also present at such points of sale as kiosks or children’s store chains. Sales in alternative channels means going beyond modern and traditional sales channels. Consumers, thanks to the presence of products of valued brands in various commercial outlets, have the opportunity to stock up on non-food purchases or other activities during the day.