Highest quality standards

The highest quality of products has been always the priority for Maspex Wadowice Group.


The trust of consumers is a great responsibility. This is why the Company modernises constantly its plants and has state of the art production lines, multi-stage production control process and it invests in obtaining and implementation of most modern technologies all the time.

For every-day manufacturing of its products, Maspex Wadowice Group uses the highest quality raw materials coming from qualified and checked suppliers.

Moreover, the company pays a lot of attention to cooperation with institutions of science, research laboratories, suppliers of raw materials, machines and packagings.


Every one of the following companies: Tymbark-MWS, Maspex-GMW, Lubella and Ekoland has implemented and certified a quality assurance system that meets IFS requirements (International Food Standard).

It is an international food supplier and producer auditing system. Its aim is to unify controls of food security.

Maspex Wadowice Group has very strict quality requirements, so for the purpose of production it uses the highest quality raw materials and packagings that are delivered by best and checked suppliers.


Quality systems in Maspex Wadowice Group facilities meet the following quality standards:

  • PN–EN ISO 9001:2009 – enabling the Company to maintain the highest product quality and to improve all the production processes in the Company.
  • PN–EN ISO 22 000:2006 system covers HACCP food management, thanks to which the quality control of our products is carried out at every stage of production and makes it possible to eliminate risks for quality and safety of our products. 

Moreover, companies belonging to Maspex Wadowice Group facilities have special GOST certificates that are demanded at the Russian market and UKRSEPRO for the Ukrainian market.

Furthermore, Tymbark and Ekoland belong to the Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS).

It is an organisation that associates producers of juice, nectars and soft drinks. Within the scope of its activities they undertake numerous initiatives in order to duly represent and develop food industry.

Tymbark has belonged to DSK (Voluntary System Control) since 2003. In accordance with this system, the company voluntarily submits its products to inspections and declares that the production is in accordance with the current Polish laws as well as the EU directives and standards. The company also undertakes to improve constantly the standards of its juices, nectars and soft drinks.

Maspex-GMW and Tymbark-MWS have AEO certification – Certificate of Authorized Economic Operators.