Social Activities

In over 25-year-long history, Maspex Group Wadowice has always been present in the local communities and actively supported various actions and campaigns for children and teenagers involving charity, cultural development, education and sport. The company is also running nationwide social programmes for children which promote a healthy lifestyle, environment protection and children’s safety. In total, over 3 million children have already participated in our programmes.

From the backyard to the stadium – Tymbark Cup
Tymbark Cup “From the backyard to the stadium” is the largest football tournament in Europe for primary school pupils.
The educational programme “5 portions of fruit, vegetables or juice”
Since 2007, our company has been an active educator in healthy diet based on a daily intake of 5 portions of fruit, vege
The ecological programme “Kubuś Friends of Nature”
The “Kubuś Friends of Nature” programme is one of the largest nationwide Polish educational programmes for kindergartens
The educational programme “Puchatek Safety Club”
The “Puchatek Safety Club” Programme is the largest Polish safety programme for first graders from all over Poland.
The “Partnership for Health” programme – Milk Start
“Partnership for Health” is a programme designed by four partners.
The social and promotional programme „Grain is tasty and inspiring”
The campaign „Grain is tasty and inspiring” encourage to consume grain products.