The “Partnership for Health” programme – Milk Start

02 stycznia 2013

“Partnership for Health” is a programme designed by four partners: the Institute of Mother and Child and the following companies: Danone, Biedronka and Lubella. “Partnership for Health” is a unique initiative on the Polish market. The three commercial companies and the Institute started a joint initiative in order to tackle the problem of an unbalanced diet of Polish children and its dramatic effects on health and society.

The aim of the Partnership for Health is to explain the importance of a healthy diet, which is necessary for a healthy physical and intellectual development of children, and to counteract the effects of an unbalanced diet of Polish children. The issues of a healthy diet and physical exercise are vital for all Partners, who deal with them in various ways, depending on the type of their business and competences. The Partners share their knowledge on this subject and take joint initiatives that will have better effects in the society.

The launch of the “Milk Start” (”Mleczny Start”) product was an idea of a coalition called Partnership for Health consisting of: Lubella, Danone, Biedronka and the Institute of Mother and Child. Milk Start is a tasty milk porridge, which is quick and easy to prepare. Now, it has a stronger flavour and thicker texture. The new recipe makes the preparation of Milk Start even faster and its taste and thickness are always spot on. Just add hot water to the porridge, keep mixing, and after 3-4 minutes it is ready to eat (you can find a detailed preparation instruction on the packaging)

Milk Start is available in flavours that children love: strawberry, raspberry and banana.

One portion of porridge (60 g) costs only PLN 0.69.

Milk Start is cream of wheat that covers up to 25% of daily allowance of selected nutrients in children: 

  • vitamin D and calcium to build bones (vitamin D covers 15%) 
  • vitamin C and iron to produce energy 
  • vitamin E and zinc, essential for immunity 
  • vitamin B6 and magnesium that help you concentrate.

In 2011, the market saw the launch of the Cereal Sandwich (Zbożowa Kanapka) as a school lunch, which is another step of the Partnership on the way to effectively solve the issue of an unbalanced diet of Polish children.

Since 2011, the Partnership for Health has also been organising a campaign “Breakfast gives you energy” for children from primary school grades 1-3. The aim of this programme is to raise awareness of children, teachers and parents on the issue of a healthy diet and the importance of breakfast in children’s diet.  In the long run, such actions contribute to lowering the scope of malnutrition of Polish children.