The ecological programme “Kubuś Friends of Nature”

15 stycznia 2013

The “Kubuś Friends of Nature” programme is one of the largest nationwide Polish educational programmes for kindergartens, organised by the Kubuś brand. It is addressed to all preschoolers in Poland and its aim is to encourage children to take care of the natural environment. The main task of the little participants is to prepare a number of ecological projects, like garden upkeep, trips to the nature and ecological campaigns for the Carrot Day, the First Day of Spring, arts competitions and performances for parents and other ecological actions.


So far, one million children have already taken part in the programme. The partner of the action is the and

In 2014/2015, the 7th edition of the programme is run in kindergartens.  All kindergartens that enrolled to the programme have received special educational materials and gifts: books for parents, little books and gifts for children, CDs with tales, songs and additional materials and a certificate granting the title of “Kubuś Friends of Nature”.    



The character featured in all the materials is Kubuś, who shows children the beauty of nature and teaches

them how to protect it. Special audio tales help kids journey to the wonderful world of imagination with Kubuś. During numerous adventures, children get to know plants and animals, learn to respect them and act eco-friendly: how to behave in a natural environment, how important it is to segregate waste and correctly turn off a tap, how to eat healthy with 5 portions of fruit, vegetables or juice a day.