Care for natural environment and company’s ecological activities

Since the very beginning, Maspex has been consistently trying to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment in every area of its activity

So far, the company has made pro-ecological investments in its production plants worth over 175 million and continues to care for further investments and development in this area. 


Maspex constantly strives to improve production processes, applies modern, energy-saving, water-saving, and at the same time the most efficient production lines. It cares about the proper condition of machines and equipment and has modern high-storage warehouses. The company plans its production in a way that ensures maximum use of production capacity; it also raises the awareness of the staff through frequent training. Thanks to the integration of production with an automatic warehouses, the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere decreased by 25%.

Low-emission economy and modern gas boiler rooms 

Most of Maspex production plants have Integrated Licenses that impose on the company the obligation to use the Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the food industry. Therefore, the plants of the company work on the basis of a low-emission economy, which means that the company constantly strives to reduce water, energy and gas consumption as well as to reduce the amount of sewage and waste generated.


Biogas obtained in the process of wastewater treatment - more than 6,000 m3 per day – is converted into electricity, heat and cold. It is possible thanks to extensive trigeneration and polygeneration systems and co-firing in factory boiler rooms.In turn, the modern gas boiler rooms owned by the company are equipped with high-class economizers. They allow reducing emissions to the atmosphere of dust, sulfur oxides, nitrogen, carbon and carbon dioxide. Their effectiveness is almost 97%.


fot.Trigeneration and polygeneration systems

Wastewater treatment plants and water treatment stationsIn its production plants, the company invests in the construction of modern wastewater treatment plants, in which technological and technical solutions of the latest generation are applied.In addition, Maspex has a water treatment stations at all production sites.


Thanks to them, by using, among others ozonization and reverse osmosis, water parameters can be adapted to technological processes. It is also important that the buildings in Wadowice use ground heat exchangers that support the ventilation of buildings and unify the temperature level of air supplied to buildings, which allows to minimize energy consumption.


fot.Very modern sewage treatment plant

An innovative solar farm


In addition, in the Tymbark plant, a modern photovoltaic farm was created, thanks to which it is possible to convert solar energy into electricity. As part of the photovoltaic farm, nearly 4,000 photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 1 MW have been installed. A meteorological station and monitoring equipment were also installed on the farm.


fot. Modern photovoltaic farm in Tymbark

Sorting, recycling and saving in all aspects of activities

Waste generated in the production process is always sorted and subjected to recovery and recycling processes. In addition, the company minimizes the effects of environmental impact every day through use of closed water circuits, central cleaning systems, expansion of recuperation systems (heat energy recovery from processes), permanent monitoring of used water, electricity and heat as well as proper organization of transport.

EKO-PAK_logo.pngOur company is also a member of the Employers Association EKO-PAK - one of the few organizations in Poland that includes the largest, international companies that market packaged products (including Polish companies) and packaging manufacturers. The Association's mission is to build a sustainable waste management system. As a member of the Employers Association EKO-PAK  together with other companies, we will strive to build a strong, sustainable and transparent waste management system in Poland. The Association is working on the implementation of such legal solutions that will not only increase the efficiency and durability of the packaging waste management system, but will also serve all participants in this system, including consumers.

Education of the youngest


As part of social responsibility, the company also runs a social program "Kubuś Friends of Nature", which is directed to kindergartens throughout Poland. The main goal of the program is to educate children in the area of caring for the environment. The company teaches how to segregate rubbish, save water and energy, take care of nature in the near future. In total, up to 4 million preschoolers have participated in the program so far.