Care for natural environment and company’s ecological activities

Since the very beginning of its operation, Maspex Wadowice Group has been consequently trying every day to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment in every area of its operations.

The Company constantly searches for the most environmental friendly solutions. All production processes are operated in the way that ensures possibly smallest interference with the nature. 

High internal ecological standards comply with strictest norms and provisions, and often they are stricter than respective international standards. 


Thanks to constant improvement of production processes, use of modern, energy-saving and effective technological lines, care for proper condition of machines and devices, production planning ensuring use of maximum production capabilities and raising staff awareness through frequent trainings, Maspex Wadowice Group aims to reduce consumption of water, energy, gas and to reduce volumes of generated waste water and solid waste. Waste generated during production processes is segregated and recycled.


In its production plants the Company invests in construction and creation of modern waste water treatment plants which apply most modern technological and technical solutions that limit possibilities of negative environmental impact of the waste water plant. 

Moreover, there are modern boiler rooms in the plants of Maspex Wadowice Group. Thank to them the Company has reduced atmospheric emission of sulphur oxide, nitric oxide, carbon oxide and carbon dioxide due to the use of biogas generated by the waste water plant. The Company has also launched an cogeneration installation that is the technology ensuring simultaneous generation of electricity and heat.

Additionally, the production plant in Olsztynek has the integrated permit that imposes the obligation on the company to apply Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the food industry. Its aim is to generally limit emissions and environmental impacts.

As part of the social responsibility program, the Company organizes a social program entitled „Kubusiowi Przyjaciele Natury“ (“Kubuś’ Friends of Nature”), which it is addressed to kindergartens in Poland. Its aim is to educate the youngest ones on environmental protection and encourage children to protect natural environment every day. Until now, more than 1 million children have already participated in the programme. 

bociany.jpgFor many years now, a pair of storks have arrived in Tymbark in the spring and built their nest on the chimney there. Storks spend a great deal of time looking for peace and quiet in ecologically clean surrounding where they can raise their young. They have found such conditions in our Tymbark production facility.