For Professionals

Why work for us? The Maspex has ambitious, responsible projects that allow you to take full advantage of the knowledge and experience of our employees. A dynamic and diverse work environment means that each day provides new challenges.

We focus on the development of our employees - not just through new tasks, but also through a series of training courses that we offer. Thanks to specially prepared programs, they can develop their substantive knowledge and knowledge of foreign languages, as well as soft skills.

Maspex is one of the largest food production companies in Central & Eastern Europe. The company focuses on a strategy of building and developing brands are strongly rooted in the minds of consumers. Working with brands known not only in Poland but also abroad gives you great satisfaction.

In our company you can find employment in several locations, such as Wadowice, Tychy, Warsaw Lublin, Olsztynek, Łowicz. Our company consists of such departments as the Marketing, Public Relations, Legal, Export, Finance, Purchasing, Accounting, HR, Development, IT, Quality, Production, Logistics and the Commercial Department.