Development Programs
  • Periodic Assessment System

    Periodic Assessment System - a tool for collecting feedback on the behaviours and competencies of employees in the workplace. The essence of 360 ° is to compare your self-valuation with that of other rater groups. Key to the development is the identification of discrepancies between self-valuation and other rater groups.

  • The Development of Maspex employees

    The Development of Maspex employees - a new quality in management and knowledge - Maspex supports the development of its employees through the implementation of the project: “Development of Maspex Staff” - new quality in management and knowledge”

    The project received funding from the European Social Fund under the Human Capital, Operational Programme Priority VIII, Measure 8.1, Measure 8.1.1 "Supporting the development of professional skills and consultancy for companies."

    The project in figures: the amount of ESF funding: 1 815 227.71 zł Duration: 24 months (from 06.2012 to 05.2014) Project objectives: The main objective of the project is to strengthen the adaptive capacity for our 4 Małopolska region companies, by improving the competence of managers and specialists through general training, implemented in Małopolska. The implementation of the project will, in accordance with the program targets, contribute to strengthening the company's competitiveness in the regional market. The training focuses on increasing competences in planning activities, managing people, leadership, maintaining customer satisfaction, communication within and outside the organisation and increasing knowledge in the implementation of environmentally friendly production technologies.