What makes us different

We have a portfolio of very strong brands, making the company a market leader and not just in Poland. Working in our company gives access to unique know-how, scale, pace and challenges. We are the global market leader, but decisions are made locally.

We combine individual entrepreneurship with a focus on co-operation, we have the strength, the courage and the skills needed to develop and implement innovative projects and overcome new challenges. Our 25-year history shows that nothing is impossible for us. At work we apply values ​​such as:

Interaction understood as mutual support and providing assistance in the implementation of tasks, not only within our own departments, but also interdepartmental cooperation. It is also making group efforts in order to achieve common objectives and importantly, promotes mutual reliance on one another.

Commitment means performing the work with passion, setting ambitious goals and striving to achieve them. Linked to this is the constant improvement of qualifications through participation in training and self-education. Maspex appreciates creative action beyond schemes and the courage to make bold decisions.

Responsibility means professionalism, reliability and timeliness in accomplishing tasks. It also means the willingness to bear the consequences of ones actions or omissions. A very important aspect of accountability should be concern for the safety of staff and consumers and a sensitivity to social problems and environmental protection. Every employee, regardless of their position, should, through their work and behaviour, make an important contribution to building goodwill and take care of our good name and prestige.

Tolerance and respect, which means respect for personal dignity in dealing with others in the company, and also in dealing with business partners and consumers. Tolerance and respect should also manifest themselves in respecting the rights and feelings of people with whom we work, and the lack of discrimination against others on the basis of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or sexual orientation. Bullying, harassment or persecution of others is not tolerated by any employee of the Maspex Group, in any work situation. Through tolerance and respect we also understand the effects of appreciation for work and commitmen