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2016-03-09 11:27:00

Maspex  actively supports local communities, activities and initiatives for children and young people through charity and the development of culture, education and sport. In order to achieve corporate social responsibility in full, the company operates a series of actions and national social programs for children, promoting a healthy lifestyle, environmental protection and safety of children. In total, several million children took part in these programs.


  • "From the Backyard to the Stadium for the Tymbark Cup" 

The tournament "From the Backyard to the Stadium for the Tymbark Cup" supports the development of sports youngest players – it is the biggest football competition for children in Europe. So far more than a million girls and boys from all over Poland have taken part. The tournament finals are played in the National Stadium in Warsaw with the winning teams receiv the Tymbark Cup, are rewarded the title of Polish Champions and win a trip to watch and meet the Polish National Team each year.

  • "5 Portions of Vegetables, Fruit or Juice"

"5 Portions of Vegetables, Fruit or Juice" is an educational program, which we have been involved in since 2007. We work together with other producers to encourage consumers to enrich their diets with vegetables, fruit and juices as part of a global initiative. We also expand on this topic, promoting the properties of juices and smoothies and encouraging their integration into the daily diet as well. Campaigns are co-financed by the European Union and the Fund for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetables.

  • "Kubuś the Friends of Nature"

The program "Kubuś the Friends of Nature" is one of the largest national educational programs for pre-schools. It is organized by the Kubuś brand and the aim of the program is to teach children about the world and nature, the principles of healthy nutrition and encourage them to take care of the environment. As part of the "Kubuś Nature Friends" program, teachers receive a package of free educational materials along with scenarios to conduct interesting classes.

  • "Puchatek Safety Academy"

The "Puchatek Safety Academy" is the largest program in Poland about safety, aimed at primary school pupils throughout the country. It includes topics related to the safety of children in four areas: on the road, at home, at school and on the Internet. The Honorary Patrons are the Commander in Chief of Police and all local government Education Departments. The aim is to educate and improve the safety of children who start school.

  • "Uwielbiam Academy" 

Another educational program is "Uwielbiam Academy". It is addressed to older students of primary schools and their teachers in Poland. Participants learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, the need to differentiate products in their daily diet, and learn about the important role they play in nutrition. They will also learn about the proper behaviors associated with not eating food and why the value of shared meals and their preparation, as well as the joy of cooking together should be appreciated.

  • "The Partnership for Health"

"The Partnership for Health" was created by four partners: the Mother and Child Institute, Danone, Biedronka and Lubella. This is a unique initiative in Poland. The three companies and the Institute address improper nutrition of children in Poland and its effects on both health and society.

  • "Kubuś Hospitals”

"Kubuś Hospitals” is an artistic project aimed at replacing the dull, gray childrens hospital wards with a colorful Kubus world. This is the sequel to a program that the brand undertook a few years ago.

  •  Maspex foundation

Another important initiative is the creation of the Maspex foundation. Founded in 2015, it gives the children of our employees the opportunity of studying at foreign business and technical universities,. A special scholarship program that opens the door to education at the best schools in the UK to the children of employees of Maspex W has been created. There i salso a Helpline specialist that offers the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of individual educational counselors throughout the year.

  • Umbrella of History

Umbrella of History was established in 2017 in order to support social historical awareness and cooperation with organizations working to cultivate the memory of Polish Heroes. The Umbrella of History is primarily to protect people and past events from oblivion. The current edition of the project operates within the framework of the idea of Remembrance'44 - it is an expression of the memory of the Warsaw Uprising. 

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