Great emphasis on developing the competence of the employees

2016-03-09 12:34:00

Maspex' objective is to create favorable working conditions, in which potential employees will be best utilized. The company places great emphasis on developing the competence of its employees. An extensive entry program guarantees that the best candidats are selected to work with us.

In total the companies employ around 6,500 people. Employees have the opportunity to acquire new skills in various areas of activity, as well as to develop their experience in foreign markets. As an employer, as in all other areas of business, Maspex is focused on growth - not only through new, responsible tasks, but also a number of training courses that are offered to their employees.

Over recent years the company has completed many projects. "The Maspex Academy development – the creation of a unified management system" is an initiative co-funded by the European Union. Its main aim is to increase and strengthen the competencies of the managers and specialists. In 2012, two projects were launched, also funded by the European Union. The first of them - "Development of Maspex Wadowice Group employees - new quality management and knowledge" was a continuation of previous activities and was dedicated to managers and specialists in Małopolska branches. Second - "Product quality - professional sales - a training project for the Maspex Wadowice Group", is one of the biggest training projects implemented so far. 350 employees from the sales and production structures participate and, during the two-year cycle, strengthened their skills and sales management.

These activities include several days of training focused on employee development. At the same time management tools are implemented and developed. These include competency models and systems of periodic assessment.

The company also runs a Summer Internship program for students of the fourth and fifth year of university, under the title "The closest Development Zone". Trainees have the chance to get to know the company, to participate in the daily work of individual departments and carry out specific projects. The best trainees may in the future find employment in the company.

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