What we know about vitamins and second breakfast?

2015-01-12 17:25:00

What we know about vitamins and second breakfast? Kubuś Public Relations Campaign

Vitamins and regular meals are the basis for a child's development. The results of a nationwide educational campaign "Vitamin Challenge", organized by the Kubuś clearly confirmed Poles know what makes a healthy breakfast. As many as 99% of the respondents gave their children vitamin-rich fruit, vegetables and juices, and 97% of them made sure that their children consumed a healthy lunch at school.

The Kubuś educational campaign, under the slogan "Vitamin Challengewas run on one of the most popular parenting websites in Poland - BabyOnline.pl. On the platform there was a lot of information about vitamins and the role of second breakfast. We could also get advice from a nutritionist - Dr. Susan Anteckiej. The platform also prepared a survey for moms.

Through the survey, we found that as many as 84% of parents know that a vitamin deficiency can cause problems in learning and dealing with their peers. 98% have indicated that fruit, vegetables and juices are the richest source of vitamins, while 99% of them said they make healthy snacks for their children to give them their daily supply of the necessary minerals. Also, 92% of respondents said that they strive to read labels on products and look for those with a dose of vitamins and no added preservatives. An example is the fruit and carrot juice - Kubuś GO !, which is a great idea for a lunch to go. It contains vitamins such as A and C, and Kubuś GO! Multivitamin version also has an additional vitamins B and E. Vitamins without preservatives can also be found in fruit mousse such as Kubuś Mus. Available in the form of a mousse with fruit and carrots in a comfortable, lightweight and safe packaging it is tasty and healthy suggestion for breakfast, the backpack, or on a school

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