Kubuś promotes "Magical Journey" on TV and the Internet

2013-04-16 09:45:00

AN Internet and TV Campaign was launched presenting the latest Kubuś promotion of "Magical Mystery Tour".

Every child dreams of traveling and each travels in a world of his own imagination. Kubuś knows this, because in his new ad, he invites all children to set off with him on a magical journey and take part in the latest promotion "Magical Mystery Tour", full of incredible fun, lots of attractions and great prizes. The promotional campaign has more than 15 000 guaranteed prizes to be won, portable DVD drawn daily (Monday to Friday) and the grand prize - a trip to Mauritius for the whole family.

To receive a guaranteed prize just collect the right amount of promotional Kubuś packages codes (Kubuś 300 ml, 900 ml Kubuś, Kubuś Go!, Kubuś Play Waterrr Kubuś, Kubuś Waterrr Sport), to register on the website, and then exchange them for guaranteed Kubuś prizes. In addition, from each of the submitted codes the winner of the Portable DVD will be drawn (Monday to Friday) and the final incredible magical trip to the exotic island of Mauritius for the whole family.

The spot is broadcast on the following television stations: Polsat, Polsat JimJam, Disney Channel, Junior, XD, MiniMini + Nick + and Teletoon Pulse, Pulse 2

On the Internet, we have a presence in social networks (Naszaklasa, AIM, FaceBook), and a number of sites with games. We broadcast spots for promotion to Naszaklasa, YouTube, Gry.pl, TVN, Ipli and on children's TV channel.

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