Kubuś Friends of Nature

2015-01-12 17:17:00

Nature is beautiful and delights us at every step, whether rising morning sun, blooming spring flowers, the rustle of autumn leaves, beautiful snowflakes or smell and taste of fresh raspberries. We all see this beauty and we want to share it. However, we realize that the development of civilization, pollution has a pernicious influence on nature. We learn to care for her every day: saving water, sorting trash, planting plants in our gardens.

This respect for nature and its gifts should be taught to children from an early age. By shaping toddlers sensitivity to the world around them and teaching them respect for the animal and plant ecology, we give them the  basis for consciously and sustainably building thier future.

Kubuś Friends of Nature is Poland's largest eco-educational program for kindergartens. Every year thousands of children participate in our program.

All participating nursery schools receive free educational materials and additional materials along with a certificate. With these materials toddlers gain important ecological knowledge from an early age.

All materials and many other interesting information can be found at www.przyjacielenatury.pl

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